Mad Ruk Branded Reel Mad Ruk
Bud Light – The Big Bang Aaron A
Roots – Leather Factory Kat Webber
Nike Air Society – Women’s Festival Kat Webber
Roots – Layers Jeremy Schaulin Rioux
Nike – Don’t Stop Me Blake Farber
Honda – Joy Fully Loaded John Poliquin
McDonald’s Seriously Chicken Sandwiches – Chef Jeff Delivers a Surprise Kieran Crilly
BBDO – Pink Tax Mad Ruk
Roots – TTC Phil Harris
Nike – Women John Poliquin
Olympics – Together Blake Farber
Vice/Mercedes-Benz – Mixed and Mastered: The Remix Project Kieran Crilly
eBay – Dad John Poliquin
H&M – Brooklyn Blake Farber
Animal Crackers – Bring Out The Animal In You
Burberry – The Beat John Poliquin
Roots – Jessie Reyez Phil Harris
Clinique – Don’t Forget The Romance Mad Ruk
Roots – Daniel Caesar Phil Harris
Nike Running – Henri Aaron A
Nike Running – Deanna Aaron A
Nike Toronto – NLR App Spot Aaron A
S’well – Hydration Magic John Poliquin
Kim Crawford John Poliquin
D’decor John Poliquin
S’well – We Are All Made of Stars John Poliquin
Clinique – Don’t Forget To Laugh Mad Ruk
eBay – Mom John Poliquin
SweeTarts – Piñata John Poliquin
Valspar – Sneaking Out John Poliquin
Betano – Craiova Blake Farber
Valspar – Jelly Beans John Poliquin
Kotex – 45 Letterbox Blake Farber
Valspar – Sister’s Room John Poliquin
Betano – My Moment Blake Farber
Lubriderm – Every Body John Poliquin
Advil – PM Dance John Poliquin
Dove – Dermacare Scalp Anti-Dandruff John Poliquin
Bergdorf Goodman – Noir Blake Farber
Converse – Legendary Aaron A